And then there was nothing.

(March 26, 2009)


I'm moving! Finally! Shiny new floors, bright whitewashed picket fences, and green well-trimmed yards come at the price of having a bunch of boxes piled high in disarray for at least a few weeks, so don't judge the place before I've fully moved in. You can find it at the corner of:

just south of nowhere. See you at the housewarming party.

By the way, I'm going to be changing its URL to and sooner than later, so keep your eye out for that. You don't need to worry too much about remembering/bookmarking the wp one.

UPDATE: The URL has been changed. It no longer is /wp.

(March 22, 2009)

Coraline! Woo!

A few weeks ago Ally and I went to see Coraline, but the 3-D projector broke before it started. We were given rain checks, and finally went back last Wednesday to see it. We had thought that it was finished showing in 3-D since the stupid Jonas Brothers (whoever they are) had some equally stupid 3-D feature out, but since no one went to see their stupidity Coraline 3-D started showing again.

We were the only people in the theater. They played a 3-D movie on a gigantic screen
for two people that didn't even pay. What a waste for them, but it was awesome for us.


Ally's new shoes are very photogenic. So are theirs.

There's been a lot of hanging out in Mark 'n Gordon's back yard lately, and I'm not quite sure why it's not been happening at ours. I guess you can't toss cinder blocks here, but we've still got cool things, too. You know, like flagstone and a non-functioning waterfall.

(March 17, 2009)

The Broomfield Sky

"I don't wanna sound like a big tool, but we were wondering tonight what the exact alcohol content of pbr is. We looked everywehre on your cans and on the box of the 30 we got and failed to find anything. So yea you should know this truth. Please get back to me and I'll love you forever. Although i already do love you forever so we're cool....right...thanks! bye!"
    – via tufts daily


I drank a beer out of the bottle tonight. As I looked around at the rich Christians of Boulder surrounding me, they all either had their beers in glasses, or went to classier beverages altogether. The only other guy drinking out of the bottle and not wearing a tie-and-jacket was instead in a sweater-vest and had a white mustache, nulling any connection we might have had over our not-coolness. He knew what was up.

(March 16, 2009)

Apples and Allys

This was a nice day. I've been inspired to shoot lately, so I've got a few new posts coming for you. I was just going to post everything together at the same time, but I've since decided to split them up. This is Ally, the one you all know. Idn't she purdy working so durn hard?

Speaking of working, I know that things haven't changed much over at, but that doesn't mean I'm not doing anything. I blew through the PHP tutorials at w3schools, so I now understand basic syntax and functions, but I'm still unsure about how to implement them to make awesome websites. Most of facebook is run off of PHP if I'm not mistaken, and I'm nowhere near being able to understand how any of that stuff works (okay, I understand that I have to start a little smaller than one of the largest and most complex networking website on the planet, but I don't even understand the small dumb ones either). I have therefore started to do some more textbook-style reading to help get a grasp of the breadth of PHP and its uses and how to utilize them, etc. I see w3schools as more of a reference manual whereas a textbook does a better job at describing its complexities.

And while we're on the subject of geeking-out, a few days ago I was checking out a photoblog that I frequent that had recently gone through some major overhauls. As I was navigating around, I noticed that there wasn't a link in the header—or anywhere, for that matter—back to the blog's homepage, and that nothing short of furiously clicking the back button could return you there. I commented on one of her posts to suggest this and she replied that she had tried, but it messed up the whole header layout. Everything shifted off from center. Having recently re-acquired my CSS skills from designing's stylesheets from scratch, I decided to have a look at hers to see if I could find the problem. If you notice, blogger templates put their stylesheets at the top of the html file defining the site, thereby making it easily and publicly viewable. I copy-and-pasted her blog's html code into my code editor and went to town. After only about 10 to 15 minutes of fidgeting, I realized that all you had to do was change one 0 to a 25 and a separate 25 to a 0. Easy-peasy.

I emailed her my findings and have yet to get a response/see her header turn into a link. I might have creeped her out a little by unsolicitedly "fixing" her blog. I guess that could be a little weird to some people, but I was pretty proud of myself for figuring it out by myself.

(March 8, 2009)

Walden's Lost Tire

Murder might take place here.


My old high school whip was rolled in my old high school parking lot by its current (or more accurately, its most recently former) driver. It's really a shame because it's been in our family for about 25 years (longer than I've even been in our family, so essentially it's more of a son to my father than I am), and it's been driven by me, my father, and my brother. But now:

which = decommissioned.

I was going to post pictures showing its universal damage, how much the roof caved in, etc., but I liked these tight detailed shots a lot more.

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