And then there was nothing.

(March 8, 2009)


My old high school whip was rolled in my old high school parking lot by its current (or more accurately, its most recently former) driver. It's really a shame because it's been in our family for about 25 years (longer than I've even been in our family, so essentially it's more of a son to my father than I am), and it's been driven by me, my father, and my brother. But now:

which = decommissioned.

I was going to post pictures showing its universal damage, how much the roof caved in, etc., but I liked these tight detailed shots a lot more.


Ally B said...

Remember when we would drive her to school and if it was cold out I wasn't allowed to BREATH so that the windows wouldn't fog up? Good times.

Jennifer Rados said...

oh your photos are fantastic! i found your site through shiela liewald's blog...


what kind of camera do you use?

Michael said...

Thanks, Jennifer! That's awesome you like the photos. Just so you know, I kind of stopped posting them here so if you want to see any of my recent stuff, go to my new blog at

Oh, and I use a Nikon D40x. Hopefully I'll be able to upgrade soon, but this one is doing me fine for now.

mike at